Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Songs to Tease You Before Summer Music Festivals

We are right now probably in the best time of the year: it has just become warm outside and we all know that it's the beginning of the 4 month summer music fest craze in Canada. 

When it comes to music in summer, I personally have 2 strong associations: trance/dance/house music and festivals, which often go together. There has been a lot of buzz recently around Digital Dreams Festival on June 28-29, 2014. So far, artist lineup includes AMAZING DJs such as Tiesto, Justice, Deep Dish, Dash Berlin, Paul Oakenfold and more.

Check out this link for more info on the upcoming music festivals in Toronto during spring-summer 2014:

I hope you are looking forward to these incredibly cool and crazy events just as much as I do. That's why, this week I really want to tease you about this upcoming summer fest madness and share a playlist that features songs that are not new, but blowing up. I'm pretty sure you're familiar with these tracks (at least you've heard them playing somewhere), but turn this music up really loud on your speakers and I promise, you will be craving for summer to finally start! 

The playlist kicks off with a song that will smoothly get you into a festival/party tune. It is a Classixx remix of well-known to music junkies song "Take a Walk" performed by Passion Pit. I love it, because it is so positive and summery.

"Take a Walk" transitions into my most recent and most favourite music finding - "Sun to Me (Mark Knight Remix)" by Faithless. If you want one song to explode you from within, this is it, so check it out!

The 3rd song is a co-work of Tiesto and Maxi Jazz of Faithless. I suggest that this song becomes a hymn of all house and trance music junkies - "Dance for Life"!

"Every Day" by Eric Prydz has been playing on the radio stations for a couple of months so far and I love it for its energy.

The playlist is wrapped up by an old but f@cking amazing co-work of 2 guys from Swedish House Mafia - Axwell and Steve Angello. "Tell Me Why" has been rocking it for years and it's still unbelievably awesome.

Enjoy the playlist and get yourself ready for the upcoming craaaaazy music festivals!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 So Many Times Covered Oldschool Songs

Have you ever heard or Shazamed a song that is performed by a relatively new music band and than discovered that it actually has a much older original version? Or maybe you hear a song on the radio that sounds kind of familiar to you and then you realize that some time ago it was a killing hit? 

This has happened to me so often that for a while I've been thinking that I should write about it on this blog. This week is the week to do this as I just shazamed a song I simply can't stop listening to and it dates back to the 90s.

Although I love discovering new music masterpieces, I still think that oldschool music is the best. It has got some soul in it, when people actually listened to the songs that are not catchy or just sound nice, but their lyrics is meaningful and it can exist separately from the melody. 

Think of Sting, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phil Collins, The Beatles, The Who and many more of those good old days. Their music is the pure definition of art. 

Today many modern music bands make numerous covers on the songs of the great of the 20th century. This playlist includes the songs that have been covered (by the way, some of those covers are pretty amazing), but the original versions of which date back to the 20th century.     

Artists featured in this playlist: Gnarls Barkley, Kate Bush, Oasis, Jeff Buckley, The Cure.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 "Give Me Sun" Tracks

It's 26th of March on the calendar and here we are in Canada stuck in the cold. Lately, basically everyone has been craving for spring, a little bit of sunshine and warm weather. But what do we get? Right, we get some more shitty weather, cold wind, snow and negative outside temperature.

There isn't a thing you can do to fix the weather. However, what you can do is change your attitude to it. Think about it: rather than sitting at home complaining about the weather and ruining your own mood as well as that of the people surrounding you, you might as well turn on some sunny and summery songs on your speakers/headphones and that will make you feel better!

This week, I will include very cheerful song that create an illusion of beach warm sunny weather. Don't let the weather get you down and enjoy this good music!

The playlists starts off with sweet lounge tunes of the cover to a very old song we all heard "Sunny". It makes you think of summer, beach, sun, parties and everything that comes with it. Totally recommended for listening.

The music set continues with another house track with elements of indie: "Hey Beau (makkit edit)" by dillon.

A very old, bur nevertheless great summertime song introduced by one of the most cheerful singers I've come across. Bob Sinclair is asking the whole world to hold on and, definitely, when listening to the song, the only thing you want to do is to hold on and enjoy the moment.

"Sloppy Seconds" by Watsky is simply amazing in everything: it creates the mood, it is catchy and it is undoubtedly very cheerful and summery. You will not even notice how you're gonna be singing the lyrics at the end of the song.

The last but not the least is another old/good stuff: "Summerlove" by David Tavare. There's no other song which makes you dream of summer, seaside and summer love affair more than this one.

Keep calm, the winter's gonna end soon!

Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Dynamic Runway Songs

Everybody in Toronto has been talking about this event for weeks. And here it is, this week we are delighted to see the newest Spring/Summer 2014 and Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collections introduced by fashion designers such as Joe Fresh, David Dixon and Rudsak at Toronto Fashion Week!

That's why, this week I want to share with you a playlist that features very dynamic songs which will make you dance off your feet and which in my opinion would be perfect to use as a soundtrack for models on runways.   

This week's playlist opens up with an immortal Muse masterpiece "Uprising". The song is absolutely fantastic in every second. In fact, its title reflects the essence of the track: the melody constantly rises from the first till the very last second. As it is usually the case with Muse songs, I'm not surprised why their music is often chosen as a soundtrack for fashion and runway shows.

The second addition to the playlist is probably the latest music release out of the 5: the song that's currently playing in all fashion stores - "Drunk in Love" by Beyonce and Jay-Z. So smooth and so dynamic, that's why I love it.

Does anyone here think France when you think of fashion? I do. Check out a very French song by Vive La Fete "Exactement"! The tune of the song goes so in line with fashion and Paris that all you will be able to say after listening to it is "Adorable, formidable!" :) 

The 4th song is very sunny and summery. Dive into the sweet lounge sounds of "Facing the Sun" by Fritz Kalkbrenner and enjoy!

The final track has been discussed in the blog before, but for this topic I couldn't just have omitted it. It is just so perfect for dancing, action and walking, that it was played during Victoria's Secret fashion show. Here are Fall Out Boys again with their song "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" and they are perfectly finishing the playlist!